Payday Loans: Loans up to 3000 Euros in 15 Minutes

Surely you’ve seen on TV ad campaign loans Creditic and if you urgently asking for money from this article you can access its platform to request credit form online without papaleos I recommend you visit: The list of Loans without interest

Creditic 2018 credits are characterized by the following:

  • It differs from other fast payday loans in that they grant you up to 3,000 euros in just 15 minutes.
  • They give you the term to return it up to 26 months (loan) and 36 months (line of credit).
  • Early cancellation is free.
  • You request it online and with hardly any requirements
  • They have two products: Term Loan or Line of Credit.

Creditic payday loan or line of credit?

It is one of the few entities that offers you the 2 possibilities and are different ways to get the money you need, so choose the one that suits you the most:

How do I apply for a payday loan?

Creditic is the typical payday loan where the applicant determines the amount of money and the repayment terms. You can ask from 100 to 3,000 euros and you can return it in installments of 61 days up to 24 months with interests well below those of the competition that some of them apply up to 20 or 30%

It has the advantages that allow you to save interest : they allow you to pay back the money in advance and you will only pay interest for the time you have really had the money in your hands. Also they have contemplated that some month can be worse than others and that is why they allow you to postpone the monthly fee, they grant you what they call “the month of respite”

I believe that Creditic is one of the best credits you can use for Christmas shopping or to go on vacation if you do not have money in the current account and then return it in monthly installments.

1. Fill out the form they have on their website with the following information:

  • Indicating your ID or NIF
  • Indicating your mobile number

2. Then click on “Ask for your code” and they will send you a code by SMS, which you have to enter in the corresponding box of the form (they do it to avoid fraud, thus verifying that you are a serious petitioner)

2.1 Indicate the amount of money you want ( between 100 and 3,000 euros ) and the period in which you want to return it ( between 61 days and 26 months )

2.2 At this moment Creditic studies the application and in a few minutes they inform you through SMS or email if it has been approved, if so, you must accept the credit from the private area of ​​the Creditic website.

2.3 They communicate the approval of the loan : Once they receive all the information, they will notify you via email and SMS. Then validate it in your personal panel of your website.

3. They transfer the money in a maximum period of 15 minutes to the bank account that you have indicated.

How is the Creditic credit line requested?

The process is very similar having as main difference that you only pay interest for the amount of money that you withdraw or use even if you have been granted a line of up to 3,000 euros.

The maximum term that you can set as a refund is 3 years and Creditic makes you appear in your platform panel the maximum limit of the money that you can have but only charges you interest for that amount that you withdraw or transfer to a bank account, so that you can have a 3,000 line of credit marked but if you only use or withdraw 100 euros and return it after 30 days you will only have to pay interest for that month.

What are the requirements to have your credit approved?

  • Be of age
  • Current ID or NIE
  • Provide an email account and a mobile number
  • Demonstrate solvency with proof of income

The loan company Creditic does not admit applicants who appear as delinquent in listings as Asnef or RAI (if you are one of them and you need an online loan visit the article fast credits being in Asnef where I have selected those entities that do lend money to those registered in said listings)

Opinions about Creditic’s financial products

The opinions found in the network speak of a company that tries to earn a marked quota by being flexible in the granting of loans and having a good customer service department that will clarify all the doubts you have.

Many of the positive evaluations I have seen are based on loans that are much cheaper than those of the competition, and that is why more and more people are asking for it.

What are the advantages that Creditic highlights compared to other payday loan entities?

What are the advantages that Creditic highlights compared to other personal loan entities?

✔ The limit of 3000 euros is much higher than that offered by other lenders and likewise the return period of 24 or 36 months which is much higher than that of other

✔ Once approved, you get the money in less than 15 minutes.

✔ Flexibility to set quotas : You are the one who decides how many installments you will return and the amount of the same.

✔ The interest rate is much lower than that established by other companies in the sector

✔ No commission charged for opening or cancellation

✔ They allow you to return early, thus saving interest for the period of time you have not used.

We have included the personal credits of Creditic in our list of new credits of 2018 in a prominent place because it became one of the most used in the second semester of 2016 and was one of the highlights of 2017.

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