Loan Without Fixed Job

Consumers who do not have a steady job have to beat themselves through life. They have little money, yet the rent has to be paid and bills settled. Not infrequently they draw unemployment benefit I. or Hartz 4. Then it looks even worse, because the payments from the Office are very low.

Extra tours are not included and big jumps do not come. Not infrequently, banks get a petition asking for a loan without a permanent job. It is understandable that these people need money, because the unemployment benefits do not reach the front and back. But these consumers will not get a loan from any bank because they do not meet the requirements that a bank demands when lending.

What collateral is required?

What collateral is required?

Banks want to have a customer who is solvent when lending. Thus, a secure income and a secure job is one of the basic requirements. Those who have no job have neither an income nor a secure job. Although you receive monthly payments from the Office, but these are not attachable. An attachable income must exist however.

If the installment payments are not repaid, the salary serves to hedge the installments. But that works only if the bank can seize it. If the income can not be seized, the bank will not grant a loan without a fixed job. Other collateral will bring nothing, because a life insurance has hardly anyone who has no job. This must also be paid and who can not do that, can not hold insurance.

Hard to find alternatives – but doable

Hard to find alternatives - but doable

People without income will have few alternatives to get a loan without a steady job. You can not apply for a loan abroad because it requires a fixed salary as a basic requirement. Such loans are offered on the internet, but anyone who promises a loan to a person without a job, and thus without collateral, will not be serious. Without income, there is no money to repay a loan.

This fact can be turned and turned around, it just is not possible! So often just the alternative, to contact the family or friends. If these are willing to lend a small sum, important bills can be paid. So a financial ruin can be averted and if it is only short term. In the long run, the consumer has no choice but to find a steady job, even if it is very difficult.


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