Holiday Loan or Payday Loan – in a company or a bank

If you are dreaming of going to the seaside – to Jastarnia, Gdynia or Władysławowo, and you do not have enough money for it, today I will tell you where to get it at the lowest cost.

Many of you would like to go on a small holiday, but this is not the case for funds. There is of course the possibility of taking out a loan for this purpose, but we will later pay such a loan for several months. Therefore, I will tell you today where to reach for a more short-term loan and one that will be the most profitable for you.

The best possible option that I would recommend is a Demanso holiday loan available to new customers, and therefore people who have not taken loans before. Why the best? Because the company enables new clients to grant a loan for up to 60 days and on very promotional terms. We can borrow up to PLN 750 as a new client and the cost we will incur for taking such a loan is only PLN 10. So if we were to borrow the mentioned money in Wona then if the loan is granted to us for a period of 60 days, we will be able to pay this amount only at the end of August, so at the end of the holiday.

Holiday Loan

This is definitely the cheapest with the longest repayment period I’ve found, but there is also a new Extra Porfel proposal that gives slightly larger loans (because it is up to 1,400 zlotys for new customers) but with a slightly shorter term because we have to give away all within 45 days. However, the best thing is that we will not pay anything for such a loan because the cost of the first loan in Extra Portfel is PLN 0. Of course, this only applies to new customers, so if you have not yet used cash, you need it until you do not take it.

45 or 60 days loan

Apart from the mentioned offers, I did not find any more offers that would be granted for 45 or 60 days on promotional terms, but another option worth recommending is Truloan’s offer. You will get the first loan for 30 days free of charge and then you can extend the repayment term by another 30 days. Just Truloan has one of the lowest fees for extending the repayment so the costs should not go too high. For example, the cost of extending the repayment period for PLN 1000 by another 30 days is currently PLN 190. The amount of the first loans in Truloan is up to 1600 PLN.

Of course, apart from offers of payday loans, we also have available holiday loans with a longer repayment period. Here, however, it will not be cheap anymore and for such loans we will have to incur the appropriate costs.

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