A loan of PLN 1000 for 12 months for free

If you were planning to set up a credit card, you should consider the promotion of Credit Agile because you will also get a non-interest-bearing loan for 12 months and a coupon in Douglas perfumeries.

A loan for 12 months

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If you are looking for not a lot of cash and you would like to get it at a minimum cost, then this article should stop. As part of a credit card established in Credit Agile, you can get a credit card in the credit card PLN 1000 for 12 months for free, so without any additional costs.

From what should we start to use these promotional conditions? The first step is to establish one of the three available Credit Agile credit cards, that is Gold, Silver or Standard with a minimum limit of PLN 1,500. At the moment of signing the card agreement, it is enough to submit a cash transfer order from the card account to our personal account, then the said amount of PLN 1000 will be divided into 12 installments 0%.

You will recieve a disccount coupon

However, this is not the end of the promotion because we will additionally receive a discount coupon of PLN 100 for use in the Douglas perfumery chain for purchases for a minimum of PLN 300. This coupon will be sent to us by registered mail, but if we really care about it, it is better to hurry up because it can get the first 6,000 people who will become Credit Agile credit card holders.

And the last condition at the end so that we can take advantage of these two promotions is to carry out a minimum of 3 transactions with a credit card for a minimum of PLN 150 within 3 months from the date of the card.

Credit Agile cards that take part in the promotion are MasterCard Silver and Visa Silver, MasterCard Gold, Visa Gold and Visa Standard.

Application for opening a card under the promotion “Credit card full of benefits”

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